Justin founded Pupperdoodle Dandy with Lisa in 2020, but he's had a passion for animals going back to childhood.  The first thing he ever wanted to be when he grew up, was a Veterinarian... it didn't pan out, though, when he realized the animals wouldn't be in a mood to cuddle at a Vet's office.  So, in 2008, he began a career as a Dog Groomer at Petco, in Phoenix; where he received his formal training. Being a groomer was great, but he realized getting groomed in a salon was a pretty upsetting experience for most dogs.  There's loud dryers running constantly, strange smells, oftentimes unfamiliar people, and banks of kennels reminiscent of prison cells.

Now, older and wiser, he's on a mission: to provide top-notch pet care services, but in a way which doesn't traumatize your baby; namely, by caring for your pet's needs at home, where they're comfortable and at their ease.



Lisa has had a passion for animals that dates back her whole life. So much so, that in 2007, when she needed a second job to supplement her main gig (Staples, where our owners originally met and were coworkers!), she signed on to be a bather at Petsmart.  She knew really quickly after that, that this was what she wanted to do forever. After almost a decade there, she worked her way up from Bather, to Groomer, to Grooming Trainer, before finally settling in as a Salon Manager. From there, Lisa worked at a few boutique grooming salons, while simultaneously operating her own mobile grooming business. After relocating to Texas to be near family, she went back to work for someone else for 2 years or so; before deciding to partner with Justin to launch Pupperdoodle Dandy!

Now, back in control if her own business, she's ready to take Texas by storm, and show y'all what a REAL groom looks like!